We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Gospel with Fruit and Veggies

First of all we wanted to thank you for your fervent prayers. Things have calmed down a bit here in Malawi politically. But the future is still uncertain but we will continue to pray that some of these huge issues get worked out without anyone else losing their life. Thank you. God is at work.

Currently we are at the annual Spiritual Life Conference in Kasungu (northern Malawi) until Friday. So far it has been a wonderful time of fellowship and fun with the missionary community serving all over Malawi. God is so faithful and He has given us a family here that we have all been praying for. Amazing people from all over the world serving the Lord in different areas, all going after His glory.

But I (Luke) just wanted to share one of a few ways that God has been answering your prayers in the last week of trouble for this country. As many of you know, we were told not to go outside for pretty much two straight days because of the unrest. So...as you were seeking the Lord to work in amazing ways, He did. He brought people to us. We couldn't go to them on these days so He brought people who needed Jesus to our doorstep. Alice is one of the two people that He brought to us and this is her story..........

She is a Malawian woman whom we heard about from a few other missionaries. She brings fruit and vegetables twice a week to your house for no extra charge. So, in order to help her out and also get some fresh fruit and veggies in the process, we asked her to stop by our house twice a week too.

Alice lives in a township (slum) in Blantyre and has five children. Not long ago, her husband was killed in an accident on his way home from business in South Africa when the bus he was in was struck by a semi-truck. So..this left Alice a widow with 5 young kids to raise. Unbelievable hardship and you can see it when you look in her eyes.

To make matters even more difficult, her precious children are not well. Three of them have Malaria and one has a terrible skin disease and Alice has no way of helping them. My friend Rose was interpreting for me when I was talking with Alice. And, as we listened to Alice share her grief, Rose had tears in her eyes and said to me, "This woman is in very desperate circumstances. She has no means of helping her sick children and can barely feed them enough to live but when they live they just suffer." Those words struck me. When they live they just suffer. She then went on to plead with me if I could give her a loan of about $19 so that she can take her child with the skin disease to the hospital to get a treatment to minimize the pain. Praise be to God! Thanks to you and your generosity to God's work in Malawi her child will have relief for at least a little while from her skin disease. Alice then went on to explain, in detail, how grateful she is and I was able to share with her that it is Christ alone who is helping her. He owns everything. Nothing we have is ours but it's all a gift from God that He wants us to use for His fame among the nations. She then said, "Thank you Jesus!" in broken English and then told me that she will give us free fruit and veggies for a long time.

We are overwhelmed at the goodness of God that He has us here for such a time as this. People are suffering greatly, please pray for Alice and her precious children who have such a difficult life. Pray that they might know the goodness of the Lord in the midst of their sorrow and that we'd be able to show it to Alice every time she comes to our door.

I love you all.


Here's a quick quote I read today and liked a lot, "The starting point of your radical life is your radical death---death to yourself and death to your every attempt to do enough before God." -from David Platt's book Radical Together


  1. Thinking and praying for Alice and her family! What a cool story....keep us updated on her family!

  2. Luke,
    It is so encouraging to see how God has brought you through all of your years here to be used in a great way where you are now. I pray that He will keep using you to share the Gospel even more. I thank the Lord for molding you into who you are today.
    Don Hoverson