We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Open Doors

Amos 5:24 says, "Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!" Is that not what we as the people of Jesus get in Him? We are empowered by God to bring justice to the oppressed only because we've been clothed with the righteousness of Christ! He is the never-failing stream!

We have been learning a lot and the Lord is teaching us much as we transition into full-time ministry. He is worth being still and waiting for. The first picture is Lyzee and the gang getting their snack on with papaya. The second photo is Luke with Fostance. Fostance is an incredible man of God who is the national youth director for the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC). It just so happens that Fostance lives in Blantyre and is really excited about reaching Malawi's youth through sports ministry with Luke. The two of them are a strong team. This is the biggest answer to prayer that we've had yet! We were praying for a humble Malawian servant of Christ who would desire to team up with Luke on behalf of the youth in this nation. And....bam! God brings Fostance into the picture! There is nothing like serving the Living God who knows and plans our futures! You can't plan this stuff! The two of them work incredibly well with one another and it is a real friendship already. Fostance has already planted a church in an all Muslim village in Malawi and has tons of experience to pour into Luke. It is an honor to work with a brother like him. He has been a huge help as the two of them have had several meetings with local church leaders discussing the possibility of starting a sports ministry. Please keep the two of them in prayer as they are putting in 10 hr days on every Saturday and Sunday meeting with local church leaders. This coming Monday, they will be teaming up to speak at the national Hope For AIDS Peer Prevention training to explain how sport can be used as a platform to teach the hope that's found in Christ while incorporating HIV/AIDS prevention methods into the sports ministry as well.

On Tuesday, Luke leaves with Fostance for 5 days down south to the national youth conference for the Africa Evangelical Church. Luke is speaking at least twice on the topics of "Discipleship" and "Sports Ministry." There is hundreds of youth expected to be there so please pray that the Spirit of God would speak through Luke and Fostance in a mighty way. Pray that those kids would get a picture of something greater than the hardships of their lives.

We are really loving it here but there still are many cultural challenges and learning the language is quite difficult. As you can see from the picture above (Luke and Lyzee), God has really made this a sweet time of bonding for our family. But we need your prayers for wisdom as we just want to do what Jesus would do. Our hearts ache for Malawi to be set ablaze for the glory of Christ. But there is work to do....a lot of work. Thank you so much for continuing to encourage us to work hard for Jesus. We cannot do this without you! Please feel free to email us with any prayer requests so we can be praying for you. God is doing much here....be encouraged. We love you


  1. Good to "hear" from you Bec!!!? I'll be praying as Luke leaves for a few days! Miss ya!!!!!

  2. Fantastic! It is amazing how God works, bringing Luke and Fostance together. His ways are simply beyond understanding! Ill keep praying for you guys, and that National Youth Conference would really create an impact, a tidal wave of God's Glory to inundate the countryside.
    Joe and I are still kicking it here. Joe is really picking up music now, so pray for him that God would guide him into the place he has for him. And for me that God would continue to stretch my faith as he continues to prepare me to enter into the movie business.
    Good to hear from you guys! We will continue to keep you in our prayers. Peace