We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lyzee United

Luke and Shedrech teaching them how to dribble a soccer ball
on their way to practice

Teaching them about Adam and Eve

As some of you know, Luke has not only been working with seven soccer and netball teams with the youth in the Blantyre area BUT he has also started a soccer team with the little boys in our neighborhood. He is one BUSY guy. This new soccer team is made up of about 15 small boys, ages 7-12. They have already had three practices consisting of bible study, prayer, warm-ups, drills and a lot of laughing! Luke told the boys to talk to one another and come up with a team name. The next day, they all showed up at our door with joy as they announced their team name: LYZEE UNTIED. These kids are so precious and are hungry for the Word.  Please be praying for this new ministry. We are so happy to have the kids over and pour into them. Luke asked one of the older guys from the Chilomoni soccer ministry team to help coach. So there is a bit of discipleship there as Luke and Shedrech are working hand in hand taking turns with the Bible lessons as they go chronologically through the Word with the kids.  It’s been great to see him jump into this ministry and share his faith with the younger generation.

We asked the kids what they know about the Bible.  Only one of them had read the Word of God and none of them could tell me another Bible story besides Adam and Eve.  That will soon change.  They come every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon ready to learn about Jesus and how this book called the Bible is the most precious book on the face of the earth. We wish you could see their eyes as we explain how God created the heaven and the earth but how God treasures human beings far more than anything else. Some of these boys are not viewed as treasures by the world but these boys are treasures in the eyes of God and treasures to us.

Through ministry here we’ve been able to step into the lives of the Malawian people. Luke has had good conversations about marriage, relationships, and more while working with the young men here. Last week, in our neighborhood, we experienced the reality of the heartbreak and suffering of death. The younger brother of Vutso (one of the boy’s on the little soccer team) died. He had been fighting malaria for a week and on Sunday he stepped into eternity. He was three. His name was Kumbukani and he had spent several days playing in our yard.  His mother is named Gloria and they live a few houses down from us. Just a few days ago, I (Becca) saw Gloria on the road and we walked together. She told me about the many trips to the hospital and her little boy’s last days. We’ve learned that death here brings the same hurt but is dealt with in a completely different way.  In Malawi, death is so much more expected. There is no shock in the death of a child here but there is still deep pain. Deep loss.  Please be praying for Gloria and her family as they grieve. She has 4 other children at home.  Pray for her as she adjusts to life without her youngest child.  Pray that we can show her the love of the Lord.



  1. Oh praying for Gloria and her family! How sad..... praying as you minister to her!
    Love hearing about all the little boys! How fun! Luke is right where he should be!:)
    LOVEEEEE the team name.....so funny! love you!

  2. Lyzee. United! Love it! Just returned from a Missions Conf. at Mt. Hermon with an organization called Partners International, heard of it? We've renewed our love & concerned for our brothers & sisters around the world & prayers for those who minister to them, such as you!