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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Word in their hands, a ball to use and the Spirit in their hearts....here we go!

This group is unstoppable

Osman from Mpemba digging into his new Bible

Ministry ball presentation to Chilomoni leaders

Above is a few pics from day two of the Sports Ministry Leadership training.  After much preparation, translation, and prayer, we saw God show up in a huge way on Saturday!  It was an incredible time with the 24 sports ministry leaders who showed up for the intense day of training. We did practical examples, brainstorming sessions, needs assessments of the different communities and much more. The leaders had been encouraged to come up with one ball for their teams and then Fostance and I would give them a second to encourage them to go for it! What a joy it was to give them a ball that they can use to draw a crowd to tell people about Jesus. (Thanks Bob and Chris Reed for the ball donation!) In addition, thanks to so many of you, we were able to give them each their own Bible in Chichewa. They kneeled down on the floor in respect to receive God's Word.  It was humbling.  These people know how powerful this Book is and that it holds the Words of Life and they treat it that way. Many of them have never owned their own Bible before.  We are so unworthy to be a part of something like this.   
I closed the day by sharing just a bit about what God has been teaching me lately from the Word.  Rev. 19:1-16 and Rev 20-21 were the passages that we dug into.  The Lord was at work as charged them to go and be the Body of Christ in their communities because our time is short and that great day is soon approaching when we will all stand in front of God and He will either wipe away all our tears and welcome us home or send us to eternal punishment because we rejected His Son, the one and only sacrifice for our sin.  We have got to tell people about this day!  We must warn people and plead with them to put their trust in the rock of Jesus Christ because the poured-out cup of the wrath of God is coming like a mighty wave and people will need to be covered in the blood of Christ on that day.  Maybe that great and terrifying day will be tomorrow.  I closed by encouraging them to live like tomorrow could be the day that Jesus returns so let’s spend ourselves proclaiming His glory.
The day closed with an awesome time of prayer and singing as we sought God to break through in Malawi and to unleash His Spirit in a profound way that changes the face of this whole nation.  These people pray for big things and are teaching us a lot about fervent prayer.  What an incredible day!  Thanks so much for your prayer. We got to see the fruits of your hard labor in prayer and sacrificial giving and we wish you could have seen it! But…hopefully you’ve enjoyed the pictures that we posted from that day.   
The youth are very excited to take what they’ve learned and now go multiply the Gospel in their townships using sports as the platform. Join us in giving God praise for His wonderful works!

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  1. Wow! Love reading this! So thankful for your excitement for God's word and His people!