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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rough but good ride to begin 2012

These words are very applicable to the beginning of 2012 for us.  It has been difficult because of multiple sicknesses that have decided to make home in our Malawian abode.  But....despite a ROUGH ride with Lyzee being so sick all last week, God showed us Himself several times in the midst of the storm.  

As for the sports ministry, things are going well.  God has used our time of sickness to really show us that many of the sports ministry leaders are ready for more.  At the same time, the Lord has used this time with Luke out to point out where exactly we need to focus our efforts moving forward as the Lord leads.  

One neat story happened last week when Fostance and Luke went to a local prison to see if there is a possibility of starting an outreach within the prison to reach what the youth call, "a completely unreached and forgotten group in Malawi."  So, as Fostance and Luke walked up to the massive 20 foot brick walls topped with barbed wire they heard yelling and lots of loud, angry voices from inside.  It was a moment where they stopped and asked themselves, "How sure are we about doing this?"  But then God brought to their minds the meeting they had a few days before when they were brainstorming and praying with the youth leaders about where to strategically use sports ministry in our sphere of influence.  The consensus from the meeting was an overwhelming desire to go to those forgotten in prison and share Jesus with them.  They didn’t even hesitate about how it might be dangerous, no, the Spirit of God placed an idea in their minds so they wanted to go for it.     So, with that fresh in their minds, Fostance and Luke banged on the enormous iron gate.  Luke said to Fostance,  “How are we gonna find an advocate for us in this place?”  Literally, as he was saying those words when a smiling face opened up a peek hole and said, “hey Luke!.......Remember me?  From the sports ministry meeting we both attended 6 months ago in July?”  At that moment, he flung open the gate and said, “Come on in!  We’ve been waiting for you to come and do sports ministry and preach the Gospel here!”   Ha!  God is so good.  This great guy was the chaplain of the entire prison. His name is Samson and Luke had met and chatted with him extensively at a sports ministry conference in July……but then Luke totally forgot about him.  Woops!   But, God had a plan and it was CRAZY to be there at the prison. Kinda a small confirmation that they should probably be doing ministry there. 
So…just thought we’d share that story with you all to encourage in prayer that God is answering your prayers for this ministry and us.  In the midst of our illness and frustrations, God has reminded us that He is working.  The enemy wants to destroy any work of God’s Spirit among lost people.  He will doing anything and everything he can.  But….Satan is a defeated foe and when the Body of Christ rises up together in prayer seeking God to shake the nations, no power of hell can stop this because God has promised to bless His mission.  He works in our pain often and He is our present help in time of need.  All glory be to Christ for the beginning of 2012 despite it being far different than we expected!  

Giving Bibles to the Street Kids Home!


  1. PTL!!!!!
    So glad Lyzee is better!!!

  2. Such an encouraging story about reaching out to the forgotten people in the prison! I'm so glad Lyzee is feeling better too!

  3. I was just reading this to my husband. He said, 'That is so awesome that God literally opened the door (prison gate) for them to share the Gospel." God is good and faithful. Praying for you guys. -Erin