We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sports Friends Thailand trip and the upcoming vision meeting

For those who have not heard yet, Luke and I (Becca) were invited to Thailand By SIM’s sports ministry Sports Friends International. This is the same group that invited Luke to Ethiopia to see their ministry among the youth using sports as a platform for the gospel and church planting. Sports Friends is an amazing group of missionaries and nationals working together to initiate Church based sports ministry to youth around the world. We are excited to tell you that Sports Friends has invited us to join them in bringing this ministry to Malawi. We are very happy about this as Sports Friends has been doing sports ministry for 10 years in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Asia and many more countries around the world. Sports Friends has much wisdom and experience that we can glean from! We are very excited to be partnering up with such a great group! Praise the Lord! Since Sports Friends is SIM, there is no change in our relationship with SIM. We are now able to use the Sports Friends training and bible teaching material.  
The trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand was a 10 year celebration/gathering with all the Sports Friends global leaders. It was an amazing time with our brothers and sisters from the UK, Asia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, USA, and Zambia. The first week was a time of encouragement, training in discipleship, church planting and we learned so much from the leaders in other parts of the world who have been doing sports ministry for years. For the last few months as our sports ministry has picked up we have felt a little overwhelmed and lost on where to lead this ministry but now with Sports Friends guidance we have a goal and direction with our ministry. Please feel free to check out Sports Friends International on Facebook or their website http://www.sports-friends.org
The last four days of our trip was a coaches training. Luke and I learned so much about how to coach and teach coaching to others better and how to keep the Bible and the gospel central in all we do with this ministry. We see so much potential for Malawi in this ministry! We feel refreshed and excited as we spear head church based sports ministry in Blantyre. We had a wonderful time praising the Lord with all our brothers and sister from different parts of the world in different languages. It was AMAZING! 
Please pray for us as Luke and Fostance will be holding a very important meeting with all the local church leaders, sports ministers, and youth coordinators. This meeting is a “Vision Casting” time to get the leaders excited about doing sports ministry with the youth. Pray for all the leaders to be able to come. Pray that all logistics will be worked out. Pray for Luke and Fostance as they share what God has laid on their hearts. It is from 8am-4pm on Saturday Feb 11.  Tomorrow.  So please be on your knees asking that God would work in incredible ways in the hearts of the leaders.
The pictures are from our time in Thailand. 


  1. Great! Fun to see you in a collared shirt Bec! Sounds like it was a trip well spent! Did you get to see Thailand at all?
    Preying for meeting tinorrow!

  2. It is so great to see how God takes us from uncertainty to purpose time and time again! Praying for you the meeting now. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. I've really been loving reading your updates! -Erin