We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Friday, March 2, 2012

3 weeks ago we asked you to pray for Luke and Fostance as they were holding a very important meeting called a “Vision Casting” with the local pastors and youth leaders in our area. Thank you so much for all your prayers! The meeting went very well and the pastors and leaders not only had a good time but were encouraged. The day after that meeting a group of women from one of the local churches got together to organize a prayer group specifically for sports ministry!! WOW! Praise the Lord not only are the leaders behind youth sports ministry but the whole body is getting involved! We are excited to see where God leads and how He uses EVERYONE in this ministry.

As some of you know my (Becca) parents just returned to the States after a 3 week visit to Malawi! It was WONDERFUL to see them and for them to see our home, ministry and one little blonde girl in particular. Lyzee loved having her “Nana and Papa” here everyday. They helped us with the Vision Casting meeting, several weekly outreaches and some things around the house/car that needed to be fixed. We also took them up to the Lake to see some of Malawi. Malawi is a very beautiful country with huge mountains and a gorgeous lake. Our time at the lake was peaceful and relaxing.

Now that my folks have gone it’s straight back to work! Luke and Fostance are on a trip for a few days doing some more Vision Casting meetings in the villages. Please pray for them as they communicate the details of this ministry and encourage leaders to reach out to the youth. Also pray for fuel! Luke and Fostance had to take a bus because there is no fuel in Malawi, again. They had many supplies that were left behind because they could not drive. Please pray that the Lord will provide for all their needs and that fuel would get into Malawi. Please pray for Esnart, Fostance’s wife, as she is home with a 3 month old baby. And please pray for me and Lyzee. Lyzee fell on her arm a few nights ago and has a buckle fracture in her left wrist. She has a cast on it, which she is not to happy about. She also has a cold. So please pray that the Lord will heal her body and that she can have a great attitude for the next 3 weeks as her arm heals.

Thank you all for your prays and support!!! We CANNOT bear this burden alone! We NEED your prayers! THANK YOU! 

(cannot upload picture right now but there are some on Facebook sorry) 

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  1. Hey! Good to hear from you guys! It's exciting to see what God is doing over there.
    Will keep praying for you guys!