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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Main Event...

1st -ever Sports Friends Basic Training in Malawi 

Hey dear friends and family, 
More leaders anticipating attending the upcoming Basic Training
       Things here in Malawi have been VERY busy to say the least.  God has been continuing to bless us with His presence and power to do the work He’s clearly called us to.  We praise Him for His faithfulness!  Recently, much of our time, money and thoughts have been poured into preparing for the 1st-ever Sports Friends Basic Training in Malawi that we are hosting.  Fostance and I (Luke) are in charge of heading it all up.  But we praise God that the two Ethiopian Sports Friends Directors (Berhanu & Ephraim) are coming to do the teaching.  We have so much to learn from them and are excited to hear first-hand how God has used sports ministry in Ethiopia to transform their nation.  These are the two main leaders from Sports Friends Ethiopia so we are honored that they are taking time out of their busy schedules to come help us with the first Basic Training.  Not only are our Ethiopian brothers coming, but Jenn Brady from the Sports Friends International office in the USA is also making the trip out to help us with this all-important training.  She will be doing a good portion of the teaching as well.  We are so excited to welcome them here and learn from their years of experience using sport as a tool to preach Christ. 

Luke & Seth (sports ministry leader) teaching the kids from Matt. 22:1-14
This Basic Training is the first of it’s kind in Malawi so there is a lot of excitement and anticipation growing in the churches.  It will be a four-day, intensive look into sports ministry combining both theory and practical application of sports outreach for Malawi.  Thousands of church leaders have participated in this 4-day training over the past decade of Sports Friends ministry and God has used it in incredible ways for His glory in Thailand, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and the list goes on.   This training is intended to prepare these sports ministry leaders who we’ve been working with to begin sports ministry in their local churches all across Malawi.  This is so key and we know it will be an encouragement to the many who have already started church-based sports ministries and then it will be an eye-opener to those who we’ve only just recently met with in the southern Nsanje villages.  God’s timing is perfect!  We have 40 leaders from over 20 churches in these southern villages who will be making the long trip up for the Basic Training.   Will you consider helping them to get here? It will cost just over $30 per participant for this training.  That covers transport, food & accommodation for 4 days, as well as their 140 page Sports Friends Basic Training Manual that we are in the process of translating now.   If you are interested in sending one or two of these sports ministry leaders to the Basic Training to see how they might be able to use the great tool of sport for Christ’s fame in their villages please click this link: Sports Friends Multi-Country Development # 099803-091. You can copy this URL and adjust the amount God leads you to give.   https://usanet.sim.org/SIMGift/cart.php .    Please feel free to email me with any questions:   luke.voight@sim.org   

Newly elected sports ministry leaders from Nsanje
The dates for this Basic Training will be from June 12-16.  Please pray for us as we make the final budget and all the preparations for the arrival of our guests.  The Ethiopians and Jenn will be easy to accommodate but we also have around 80 church-elected sports ministry leaders who are coming from the villages for this Basic Training.  Pray that the Holy Spirit of God accompanies every step we take and every session that is taught.  Everything we’ve been working towards so far has led up to this training so we really need your prayer!  All the vision sharing….all the meetings with church leaders…the extensive hours in prayer…..the ladies prayer meetings……this really is a huge moment for sports ministry in Malawi so we are quite excited.    Please pray that God brings all the sports ministry leaders who He wants here and that they’d benefit greatly from the teaching of Jenn, Berhanu, and Ephraim.  Most of the sports ministry leaders are coming from long distances and many hours of travel by bicycle, bus, walking, and so on.  Pray for Jenn, Berhanu, and Ephraim as they travel internationally to be with us. Many of the churches are praying that this would be a training that would transform the youth of their church and community for Jesus.  We think that’s a prayer that honors the Lord.  Would you consider joining our Malawian brothers and sisters in prayer for this big event?  Thanks so much for all your sacrificial prayer and giving already!  We can’t wait to tell you how God moved through this upcoming Basic Training!  It is quite exciting and we feel more at home than ever.  God is faithful.   Love you guys.

Luke, Becca, and Lyzee

Eph. 2:19-22
“Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.”  (this is the passage Luke preached from last week at our home church here in Malawi).

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