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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From Becca-

I am so excited that not only are the young boys in our neighborhood coming to our house to play but mothers, aunts and sisters are now coming over to play netball. Our good friend and neighbor Gloria came to me a few weeks ago asking if some of the ladies could come over to play netball in our backyard. I enthusiastically said, “Yes!” and we worked out a day and time that would work best with our schedule and Lyzee United Football Club practices. Last week was the first netball game. For those who don’t know, netball it is quite similar to basketball but there is no dribbling in netball and it is absolutely no contact. Think of it as a cross between basketball and ultimate frisbee. I had never played netball before but the ladies were very gracious with me and were more then happy to explain the ins and outs of the game.
When the ladies first came there were of couse already some boys here playing football. The ladies then asked the boys to move off the field so they could play. The boys were not so happy being told they needed to move off “their ground.” Next, the ladies explained to them the “wife of coach Luke ” invited them to play netball. The boys were pouting a bit so the ladies very kindly asked them if they would like to play netball too, men vs. women. It turned out to be a GREAT time! The ladies won of course! But it was an amazing time for us to connect with the women around us and for the boys to grow in their relationships with the women around them.

My favorite part of playing netball, or at least attempting to, was that one of the ladies who was playing was 9 months pregnant. She played hard and totally out did me on several occasions.
The Woman in the center with the red fabric on is very pregnant!
We can’t wait to see where God takes this and we hope that this will encourage the younger girls to come over and play too. 

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  1. Wish they had netball when I was in high school!
    Sounds like fun!