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Friday, August 31, 2012

CURE + Solomon (from Becca)

Some of you who keep up with us on Facebook may know about Solomon.
Solomon is 8 years old and he comes to our house everyday to play football and hear God's Word. When he was 4, Solomon had surgery on his hip which ended up getting a major bone infection that ate his entire hip away. As a result, he now has a no hip socket, an extremely shortened femur, and no growth plate in his right side, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Because of this, Solomon is constantly in a great deal of pain, even forcing him to use his hands to move around on all fours.

When Solomon first started coming to our house to play, I assumed he just wanted to watch but I was mistaken. He quickly let me know that he wants to play soccer. I love Solomon. He is beautiful, funny, clever, sweet and ornery. Luke and I decided to ask Solomon's mother (his father passed away a few years ago) if we could take him to CURE (a orthopedic hospital that provides FREE medical care for children) to see if anything could be done. We took him for a consultation and the doctor who saw him thought that this case was so interesting/extreme that all of the doctors at the hospital should examine him. So, today we went back a second time and sweet Solomon was in the hot seat with over 10 international orthopedic surgeons looking and then talking and then looking some more and then discussing again (in a language he doesn't understand: English). After a tense few moments, the doctors tabled the best avenue of care and decided surgery is his best option.

As I waited at CURE hospital with Solomon and his mom, I just kept thinking how his story is a perfect picture of how unfair, unjust and wicked this world is. All the why questions come flooding in, why didn't someone check up on him after his first operation, why didn't his mom have money to take him to the hospital, why are the local government clinics in the slums so underfunded they can't provide for the people who so desperately need help. It's not fair! But we've made it this way. When Adam and Eve decided to seek their own good outside of God the world became unfair, unjust and wicked. BUT, praise God He has made a way for righteousness and peace to come back! I see a picture of redemption at CURE. The doctors there are so sensitive to Solomon and his mom and they want to see Solomon "run and not grow weary and walk and not faint." After two long doctor consolations and a lot of poking and prodding, he has a date for surgery!

In October, Solomon with begin a 2 month healing process. The surgery will be at the end of October and he will spend 2 months at CURE while he heals. This means he will miss a month of school so please pray for his education. Pray for his mother as she prepares herself and her son for this major surgery. Pray that there will be no infection! And please PRAISE God with us for CURE. If it wasn't for CURE Solomon would not be getting the care that he needs. And he needs someone on his side, someone in his corner, someone rooting him on. Please pray for our Solomon.

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