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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Last Saturday, October 27th, we had the privilege of watching our boys, Lyzee United Football Club, win the Steers Tournament! We are so proud of them! Not only did our boys play like no other team there but they conducted themselves like no other team there. Time and time again spectators, coaches and even the director of the whole tournament came to Luke and said, "Who are these kids? They are excellent players and they are so well behaved.  Why do you all pray so much?"  It was an awesome opportunity to share of the hope that is in us.

We were able to take both the older Lyzee Untied boys and the younger Lyzee United Jr boys. They all did so well! 

At the end of the day, we drove through town in the minibus with the kids singing praise songs at the top of their lungs holding their trophy our the window for everyone in town to see.  It was a joy to see them all so happy.   When we arrived back at our house we had a real teachable moment as we talked with the kids and told them how proud we are of them. And to remember that the trophy we are lifting up and celebrating is amazing and great...but it will not last.  Then we shared how the trophies that we strive for more than anything must be the souls of those around us because those are gonna last forever. Real heavenly trophies seeing men, women, and children praising God for all of eternity.  The boys really got it and then we closed the day in a time of praise to the Lord for Him allowing us to take the cup and represent Him well.   All glory be to Christ!
Goalie Thomas  
Lyzee United Jr
Coach Luke giving pre game talk to Lyzee United

Lyzee United Jr. helping clean up 

Lyzee United in the FINAL

Half time 0-0
Second half Lyzee United scored! 1-0

 Captain Innocent: man of the tournament

Tournament Champions Lyzee United with Tournament director

Celebrating at Home
Coach Luke talking with the boys about REAL trophies in Heaven
We are so proud!

Left to Right: Vuso (most Christ-like attitude jr), Innocent (Man of the Tournament),  Mpatso (most Christ-like attitude senior).

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