We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lyzee turns 3......Many photos from the party

We praise God that He's given us 3 years with Lyzee!  It has been amazing and this party was just another time to celebrate her life.  She adds so much to this ministry and helps us build Gospel relationships with so many.  Lyzee is loved by many.  Over 115 kids came to her party and we danced, sang, played games, ate cake, and just praised God that He has brought her into this world for this time.   Thank you all for praying for her.  She is flourishing into a little girl who loves the Lord!     Below are some pictures that we took from the day of her party.    It was a day that we'll never forget.  We told the boys to do whatever they can to bless Lyzee and they came with a sound system, food, cards and tons of energy to celebrate Lyzee's life.    Enjoy the many photos!
Wyson and Ethel enjoying their lunch

watching the dance-off

enjoying the local dish: Nsima

getting ready for the games

Lyzee and Lucy chatting it up

Dancing in the rain

striking a pose

sheer joy

everybody run away from the huge white guy!

getting ready for the game: over 100 people were at our house

rain came in the middle of the party:  Can you find Becca?

Pemphero bringing down the house with his sweet dance moves

everybody dancing

Lyzee receiving her gift from Lucy

Our friend Manuel with his family at the party


Lyzee, Lucy, and Smithy

watching daddy do his thing

serving the kids their lunch

running to go cause trouble

Becca and Lyzee eating with the kids

getting the party started

our friend Lesnet and her baby Litta

Happy Girl

Prizes for the games

hey mom! can i eat this leaf?

girls jump rope contest

taking her gift from her buddy Smithy

football juggling competition

watching the games


Lyzee dancing with the kids

dancing in the rain

daddy kissing the birthday girl

Chisomo bringing the house down with his dance moves

Brilliant the Banjo Boy

serving the cake


  1. could lyzee be any cuter? what a darling girl and a great party. congrats on being parents for 3 years! :)

  2. love all the pictures! looks like a fun party! love you lyzee!