We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

preview and update on Solomon

Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and the cold weather.

This is just a quick note to let you all know what will be coming up.

Luke will be sharing about his "adventure of a lifetime" camping with some of the key coaches up on Mount Mulanje.

A look at what our Christmas is like in Malawi.

What Sports Friends Malawi will look forward to in the New Year!

So a lot is happening and we are excited to see what God does.

An update on our Solomon. We went to CURE hospital today for x-rays and a doctors visit. The x-rays look great and the doctor said Solomon might be able to have his cast removed in two weeks!! This is great news! I CAN NOT wait to see him walking! (He is hobbling now using a walker frame.) And I know all the boys in Lyzee United will celebrate by playing him in a game of soccer. It will be a great start for the New Year!

Please drink some hot coco for us, have a big family dinner and enjoy CHRISTMAS!
Much Love,

Solomon and me at our house watching Lyzee United practice

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  1. I am praying for a speedy recovery, I would love to write a letter to Solomon, if you wouldn't mind passing it along for me. I will find a way to send it to you. Love you guys, and have you all in my prayers and thoughts this Christmas day!