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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Taking Big Strides Forward

We have been so incredibly blessed and amazed at what God has done in the last 19 months! When we first came to Malawi sport was something that many Churches here frowned upon and they would not encourage its people to be involved is something so secular. But now, it is being used to share the gospel and disciple children and young people every week! The first Basic Training in June 2012 was a huge encouragement to the ministry and us. From that training over 20 churches now have soccer and netball teams with the main focus of Gospel transformation and discipleship! That means over 600 kids are hearing the Word and then seeing it lived out by their coach each week. God is moving in a very real way and the church has taken the vision and is now running with the ministry.  We want to continue to keep in step with God as He keeps this movement going!

8 months ago at the Basic Training
Looking ahead, we have planned two huge leadership training seminars coming up in the next 7 weeks.  The first one will be from March 1-3 in the southern villages with over 40 leaders who we already trained the basics of sports ministry. These amazing men and women have started up ministries in their communities and, as a result, many are finding their identity in Jesus.  Now, they will be attending the next level of Sports Friends leadership training from March 1-3. These leaders are passionate about loving and reaching people with the Gospel and our goal is to continue to encourage, empower, and equip them to do the ministry even better pointing their eyes to Christ as their strength. 

At this training we’ll be going over three main topics: 1). The ‘Pray, Play, Say’ Bible study and application workshop; 2). The ‘Teachable Moments’ book which shows our coaches how to look for and make the most of the many Gospel and discipleship opportunities that arise in a sporting event. Lastly, we will have 7 one-hour coaching sessions where we will be spending a lot of time with these leaders teaching them how to be better coaches. This is important so that our sports ministers will be even more respected in their communities. It’s most essential that our leaders have a Kingdom perspective as they engage the people of their community with the Gospel but it is also imperative that these leaders have a good standing in their communities and can feel confident in their coaching abilities. 

Some of our leaders who live and serve in the villages
So..the 1st ever Sports Friends Malawi On-going training is three fold in purpose: How to study and then teach the Word of God, how to look and make the most of the many teachable moments that come up in sport, and then training our sports ministers how to successfully coach the sports team they are leading.  We pray that this will be a transformational and encouraging time for our leaders.  They have been doing such good work!  Many people have already come to faith in Christ through these leaders and we fully believe in Christ working through them! 

Would you pray for this upcoming training? We need the Spirit of God to move! We are helpless without Him!  The entire cost of the three-day training for over 40 leaders is just over $1,000 and for only $25 you can send one of these key leaders to be trained. If God leads you to give towards this training the easiest way to give is online.  Below is a link if you'd like to send one or more of our leaders to this key training. If you copy the link below and then paste it in your Internet browser bar it should take you right to the exact place where you could give. The project that we fund this training from is called ‘Sports Friends Malawi’ and the project number is MW 096754-091.   Please let us know if you have any trouble with the link below.

May the Lord continue to bless you with more of Himself!

They are being reached with the Gospel. This is the next generation of God's people in Malawi

We just were worshipping as a family and a song came on that God really spoke to our hearts. Simple words but this is our continual prayer for us, you and these leaders who we pour our lives into. 

"Here's my heart Lord, take it all. More than just words.  It's all yours.  Here's my heart Lord, take it all. Here's my life Lord, Yours! It is Yours!  I give it all, I give it all!  I will love like you Lord!" 
Song title: "I wanna give it all" by Cory Asbury.

For His fame in the nations,

Luke, Becca, and Lyzee Voight

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