We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Not Long Now...Except for the Flights

 Not long now…
Greetings for the last time from Malawi for a while.  Hopefully, in just a few hours we’ll be boarding a plane for the USA.  Well…I guess it’s not that simple. On Saturday morning, we’ll be getting in a car then a small plane then another plane then another plane…you get the picture.  It will be over 40 hours of travel but we hope to end up in Charlotte, NC sometime on Sunday.  Nearly everything has been packed or stored away for when we come back in October (Lord willing). Our house has been turned into the Sports Friends Malawi office. We are so excited to see what God is going to do while we are away!

We cannot believe how quickly this first two years in Malawi have flown by.  God’s faithfulness and Holy Spirit power have completely sustained, encouraged and blown us away. This land of Malawi is now our home and it has been SO incredibly difficult saying temporary goodbyes to our family and friends here whom God has given us.

Passing the Baton
Thursday was a day of prayer and final meetings with Fostance and others who will lead the ministry while we are away.  The Lord has strategically brought many passionate leaders into this sports ministry and we are overwhelmed by their hearts of love for God and us.  Our cup overflows.  All glory be to the Lord!  Though we are away, the work will continue.  The Gospel will go out and disciples are being made!  Please pray for Fostance and others as they sacrificially give everything they’ve got to love the people of Malawi using sports as the platform to show Jesus to people.

Our Sweet Lyzee

Please remember our little Lyzee in your prayers as we are in the States for the next few months.  She has lived here in Malawi longer than anywhere else and does not remember anything about the USA.  She keeps saying, “We are going to America to see Nana and Grammy and everyone else…!  Yay!”  But then, every time, there is a pause and she then asks, “But we are coming back home here to Malawi, right?”  She has made many little friends here and God has beautifully made her to be tough, spunky, and willing to associate and play with anyone, anytime, anywhere.  She brings joy to so many here in Malawi and she especially is closest with her little friend Lucy (who does not speak a word of English).  They play in the dirt all day, eat bugs together, dig in the yard, and just enjoy the hot Malawian sun.  Lyzee is communicating very well in Chichewa with the kids now and we are so proud of her.  All that to say, please lift her up to the Lord in prayer as we come back for these few months to the USA. We look forward to so many things but she is nervous about leaving Malawi and the life God has given her here.
Lyzee & Lucy digging in the dirt

Saying Goodbye to The Boys…For now
God has given us about 95 boys who come to our house on a daily basis.  We love them. They are wonderful and we enjoy living life and teaching them about the Savior. Although God has sprung up over 40 church-centered sports ministries over the past 2 years, these boys have been the toughest to say goodbye to.  We had a party just last week praising God for all that He has done in the past year.  At the party there was a time of sharing and we were so blessed by what many of the boys had to say.  Many lives have been transformed for all of eternity and we give God all the glory because we are nothing without Him!  We’ve taught these boys the Word of God chronologically from Genesis through Acts and God has done something profound.  Many of them have surrendered their lives to Christ and God is already using them to make disciples.  With the Spirit inside of them, they are unstoppable! Please pray for us and them as our family is split for this time.  We have longed for many months to be with our mothers and fathers in the USA but now our hearts hurt leaving these boys.  Pray that God watches over them and that His Word that they know so well does not return void in their lives.  They will continue to meet with Coach Shaddy, Coach Clement, Coach Honest and others who are amazing and fully capable to lead the boys while we are away.

Coach Clement Sharing with the boys
So, here we go!  Next time we send out an update, we’ll be on the same continent and would love to link up with you.  We will let you know when we get there! 

May the Lord continue to bless you with more of Himself!


Luke, Becca, Lyzee, and Baby Voight

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