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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jesus Pushes Things Forward

Sorry for the long silence, we (the Voights) have been back in the USA visiting family and friends.  It has been a wonderful past 2 months and we praise the Lord for every moment that He’s given us with those we’ve missed so much. 

         But, the work continues in Malawi so we wanted to fill you in on what God is doing through the ministry while we are away.  This is an update that Pastor Fostance just sent a few days ago.  Enjoy :)     

The month of June was one of the busiest months ever! The good news is that two new places (Muona-Masenjere and Ndamera-Lulwe) have been reached with the Sports Friends ministry vision!
In these two places all church leaders have been waiting and praying for this ministry to come to them because others told them how powerful it is to use sports as a means of reaching out to the youth with the Gospel of Christ.
From June 14-16, I (Fostance) and one other youth leader went to the remote southern village of Muona to share Sports Friends vision. It was a very long trip because of the very poor road that you must take to get to that area.  But, by the grace of God, we made it finally and were welcomed with huge smiles by the church leaders.  Over 20 key church leaders were there and it was so encouraging to see them embrace the vision and commit to praying that God would show them who can lead the sports ministry in their local churches. The pastor of this area is an old man named Pastor Nyahoda and he is very happy with the coming of Sports Friends to his churches. He has been trying other means of evangelism at this place Muona but has not been able to break through and connect with the youth. Now he supports and agrees with this strategy of using sports to reach out to many thousands of people with the Gospel. This is a very influential man whom God has given us favor with.  All glory be to God!

        Then, from June 26-30, I (Fostance) had another trip to the very southernmost tip of Malawi to the villages of Ndamera-Lulwe.  Again there I shared the vision of Sports Ministry with them. The leaders also welcomed this ministry development and they are more excited to have this initiative in their local churches. They have taken a step of praying so that God may give them good leaders from their churches who can lead this ministry for the glory of Jesus.
Tengani Leaders June 2013 

After this time way down south, l made follow up trips to 3 places Chiphwembwe-Chididi, Tengani-Chirumba and Bangula-Magoti area councils where we have many trained leaders doing effective ministry. In all these places, both netball and football ministry is doing well and the name of Christ is being proclaimed. At both Chiphwembwe and Tengani, we had many key church leaders coming to attend this follow up meeting which shows that churches are now understanding that they are being blessed from this ministry. They testified that the youth are beginning to be a part of their local church and are being changed and the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully.
Chipwembwe Sports Ministry Leaders
Tengani Church Leaders Supporting the ministry

God has given me so many good things that continue to give me His joy because I am able to see that He is clearly on the move and turning Malawi upside down with the Gospel through sports ministry. Woo!
On that same trip from June 26-30, one of the most interesting things happened to me. I slept two nights at one home of my fellow pastor friend down in the village of Nsanje-Boma. We had our dinner and were ready to go sleep and l was given a nice room and l was a tired from much travelling and speaking so l had to get some sleep. But l quickly realized that I wouldn’t be sleeping the whole night because l felt like something was biting me and sucking my blood. I think they were bed bugs and these parasites were crawling all over my body. My arms and neck were full of sores as the result of these bugs and l was just scratching for days afterwards. It was actually quite funny. In each meeting the next day, while I was speaking, I would just scratch and itch the bites that covered my body.  But, by the grace of God, I am fine now and He was the one who protected me from further harm.  Thank you so much for your prayers.


-Pray for some of our younger sports ministry leaders as they are about to write their high school exams.
-Pray for God guidance as they lead sports ministry for His glory.
-Pray for the support and favor from their church leaders and village headmen.
-Thank God that several church leaders are really understanding this ministry and they are supporting it. The work is expanding!
Faithful Bangula Sports Ministers

May God Bless you!


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