We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Settling In ..... again

Lyzee with Lucy and her big brothers

Our captain wearing one of the new jerseys 
We’ve been back for two weeks now and are thankful that we took the 8 days to have time to settle, little by little, and get back into our routine and ministry. We were delighted to arrive in Malawi to Fostance and 12 of our boys from our community. Most of the boys walked over 11 miles to the airport and 2 of them ran out on the tarmack to greet us as we walked off the plane.  It was such a joy to be reunited with them!  From that day, the boys have been coming over, almost everyday, and we have had four Bible studies/practice days. It’s been easy to pick right back up where we left off with the kids because coach Shaddy, Fostance, Honest and Clement did an amazing job while we away. Kids coming over to play, asking for help when they have an injury, the girls coming to play netball. All of that has been easy, but I (Becca) have found getting back into the grind of everyday life harder than I expected. Grocery shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, the heat, and daily power cuts with a tiny sweaty baby have really worn on me. Thank you to those who have been praying for us!

Zeke's first morning in Malawi
Lyzee and Lucy
We had a wonderful 4th birthday party for Lyzee thanks to our good friend and fellow SIM missionary, Jo Ong.  Luke also had a nice 28th birthday on November 10th (two birthdays in our first two weeks back.) Lyzee has had a great time catching up with all her friends she missed so much! She’s back in her element running around without shoes and digging in the dirt for grubs with her pals.  Every day we call her inside and we find the same, sweaty, dirt-covered smiling face.  We love this little girl :)

Lastly, we’ve been praying for an office space for the ministry (Sports Friends Malawi) and it looks like we might have found one! Please pray that it all works out in the next week so that Luke and Fostance will have a place to meet and plan at a central location.

-All of our luggage made it! Miracle!
-Ministry gained momentum while we were away. Many new leaders have emerged and are passionate about using sports to preach the Gospel of Christ.
-Despite some rough adjustments and frustrating days of extreme heat, the Lord has drawn us closer to Him and given us more of a desire to seek His face as a family unit during those especially uncomfortable and annoying times.  Jesus is our strength and your prayers are fueling us through!

Prayer needs
-The next huge Sports Friends Basic Training is coming up from December 10-14 and lots of preparation is underway.  There will be over 60 leaders coming who are eager to learn how they can effectively proclaim Jesus through sports in their villages.  This is such a key time!  There is a massive amount of planning and preparation for this event, which is the biggest thing we’ve done in 2013.  The whole year, we’ve worked and prayed for these leaders and now they are ready to be trained and commissioned into ministry.
Church leaders who are preparing for the next Basic Training in Dec
-Within the next week, we will pick up with our language study. God has helped us immensely so far but please pray that He’d continue to give divine understanding of this complex language in the months to come. We want to be fluent!
-Pray for the coaches as they share God’s love with their teams. There are over 65 teams that are continually meeting and doing ministry. Great things are happening and many are repenting of their sin and walking in newness of life, but we long for MORE! 
-Please pray for our car. We brought a lot of parts back with us but some do not fit correctly on our little Honda and it is now becoming quite a headache.  Please pray that this would be resolved soon.
-Despite our efforts to keep him covered all the time, Zeke received his first few mosquito bites last night. Please continue to pray that God would keep him from Malaria during these very early stages of life when Malaria is especially dangerous.


Celebrating our homecoming with ice cream! (Thanks for the matching dresses Aunt Shari!)

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  1. Love this! So glad you guys are back! Whew - praying for you through the grueling days of heat and other frustrations!

    (If you use a scale from 1 to 10 of stress - 1 being lowest - most American wake up between a 2-3. However, most missionaries wake up between 5-6! So yes... we are praying!)