We are so excited to be serving in Malawi. We invite you to take this journey with us. Keep the beautiful people of Malawi in your prayers, and us too.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Coach Peter used by the Father to free kids from slavery

Coach Peter after being trained in August
Who is Peter?
Hi my name is Peter Kachapila and I am a Sports Freinds Malawi volunteer coach/ trainer.  I was born and raised in Blantyre, Malawi.  By the grace of God, I am the 3rd generation of men in our family who love and serve Christ.

What is your passion and ministry focus?
My passion is revival in this land!  I believe that the Lord wants to bring the book of Acts alive in Malawi for His glory.   I am always involved in youth ministry and now I am leading the sports ministry from my local church. The kids I reach out to through sports ministry are the street kids of Blantyre.  They really need to see the love of God lived out before them and I bring it to them through soccer.  For now, my target group is the youth and young adults who roam the streets of Blantyre. I want to see this next generation burning for Jesus as they realize who they are in Christ and how much Jesus wants to use them.

What has happened in the past few months in your ministry to the street kids?
A lot of things have happened in the past three months.  Me and my church have been working on a case where there was a man who was abusing the street kids sexually. This man told the kids that he will give them a good place to stay if they work for him.  Little did they know that he would rape them on a continual basis and force them to go to the streets every day and beg to get money to give to him at the end of each day.    I learned about this because I am coaching three of these street kids and I know them by name, just like our Lord cares for them and knows them by name.  

When I first heard of this terrible thing that was happening to a few of my boys, I went down to the place where the house was and wanted to secretively investigate the situation.  The man abruptly greeted me and made sure I stayed far away from the home.  Then, I pretended I was lost and asked him to give me directions.  All the while, I was making mental notes about the location of the house and what I saw.  It was a shack down next to the dirty river near to the main city market.  No one else lived near by.  I was appalled at what I saw and knew that the boys from my team were not lying to me.
The three boys
So, I ran straight to the police to report what is happening just a couple hundred yards away from their police station.  They did nothing.  I was so frustrated but the Lord continued to put the situation on my heart to pray and be an agent of justice in this awful situation.  I love my boys so I will not stand for them being abused day after day.  The Gospel in me won’t allow it!

But, after I kept going back to the police many times, they finally listened to us and went to see what was happening.  They were shocked and immediately arrested the man who was keeping my boys as his sex and money slaves.  All three kids that he was keeping have been rescued and my church has found homes for them to stay in.  The Body of Christ taking care of the fatherless and people who are without a voice.  Hallelujah!  Since this man’s arrest, he has attempted to pay bail but has been rejected exit from jail because in the investigation of his house, the police found some bones there.  And it has been confirmed that this man killed another boy who was one of his slaves.  Now, this guy is gonna be locked up for many years.  Despite the atrocities this lost man has done, my church hopes to visit him in jail to share the Gospel with him.  Glory be to God!  He can save anyone.

Bringing the Word through sports ministry
How can other Jesus followers be praying?
First of all, can you please praise God for this and join hands with us as the Body of Christ wherever we are by worshipping the King for his justice.  We bring glory to God by being unified in the Church so let’s worship Him through our unified prayer on behalf of these kids.

Secondly, can you please pray daily for my 3 boys who have suffered so much at the hands of this wicked man?  They are damaged, abused, and in need of a Savior.  Two of them are HIV positive, most likely because of the abuse they suffered at the hands of this man.   Please mobilize your church, bible study group and individuals to pray for the street kids of Blantyre.  Pray for their salvation.  Pray for their transformation and healing.  Pray for the believers who are working with them (I’m not the only one).  Working with such a vulnerable group, our lives are literally on the line every day.  There is a lot of money to be made through these poor kids by evil people who use them.  But we as the church are trying to free these kids from this slavery and bring them in, one by one into the kingdom of light.  Pray for Holy Spirit boldness and power in our daily ministry.
recently being trained at the Sports Friends Training of Trainers from October 26-30

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Messengers from abroad & a mighty God

Thank you so much for your fervent prayers over the past week.  Having Pastors Mark & Logan here from the USAwas a blessing on a number of levels.

They arrived last Wednesday and we had an amazing day just chatting, connecting and praying.  On this day, God used Mark & Logan to encourage our family. Although their bags were smaller than Lyzee’s backpack, they came bearing letters from many of you with kind words and gifts.  Thank you! 
Pastors Logan & Fostance teaching the Word

Thursday was full preparing for the Friday-Saturday Pastors and Sports Ministers Conference. We ran around Blantyre and met with Fostance before coming home just in time for Pastors Mark & Logan to teach the boys of Lyzee United Football Club from Revelation 19-20.  God really used their teaching and many of the boys had great questions at yesterday’s training.  They’ve been thinking much about the urgency of eternity and the brevity of life.

By the way, jet-lag was getting them good.  They were waking up every morning around 2 or 3 AM.  But after a couple gallons of coffee, they were ready to roll. 

The Pastors & Sports Ministry Leaders Bible Training Conference
Friday morning we arrived at the Bible College where we had the training for the Pastors and Sports Ministers.  As we drove up, we saw smiles on many Malawian brothers and sisters faces who had been waiting eagerly for this seminar.  By the time we began at 10 AM, over 45 key church leaders were present from all over the city and outlying villages.  God brought a wonderful group to us who had a strong desire to learn more from His Word.   AND that is what they….(and I) got!  It was absolutely awesome.  God has clearly given these two men the gift of teaching.  Their spiritual gift was used cross-culturally in a brilliant way for the kingdom of God.  The Gospel and the Word of God crosses over cultures and brings His people together moving forward for 1 purpose: to know Christ and proclaim His goodness to the nations.
Pastors taking notes

Pastor Mark laying the foundation
Aside from the solid teachings, both Friday and Saturday were full of great questions coming from the pastors and church leaders.  They really opened up and God CLEARLY led the discussion and gave Mark & Logan a huge amount of wisdom on how to answer the questions in a way that pointed people to the Scriptures. Some of the questions that were asked were obviously HUGE issues in many of the local churches here and these pastors did not know how to handle the issues.  They were not given another opinion of man but Mark and Logan encouraged and empowered them to read the Word and get their answers from God Himself instead of just getting the direct answer from two white guys in the front of the classroom.   It was so amazing to watch.  And I’m not exaggerating.  I wish you could all have been there.  It was such an edifying time in God’s Word specifically in the book of Romans.  

Great times
We had some good food
At the end of the seminar on Saturday, I had SO many pastors and prominent women church leaders, come to me and thank God for bringing Mark and Logan to Malawi.  It was not just another seminar or training for these people.  God met us and all were truly blessed by the time we had in His Word.  Everyone walked away with a renewed awe for God and the Scriptures and a passion to read it, interpret in context, and then apply it.  It was all explained in such a simple, reproducible way that any rural pastor or church leader could safely teach the Word with confidence. Even the difficult passages!  To God be the glory!  All the participants left the conference equipped and empowered to dig deep into the Scriptures to understand who God is and make Him known. 
Logan & Fostance teaching on Saturday

Thank you for being a part in sending them and praying for them.  Now, they are in Zambia with many more pastors there.  I wish they were here for longer.  So do all the church leaders who were at the seminar in Malawi.  For some reason, I don’t think this’ll be the last time they are in Malawi.  I’ve already had 5 requests from other pastors representing 22 more churches who want to be invited next time they are in Malawi.  The need is certainly here and God used our 2 pastors in a profound way to proclaim His fame.  This has helped our sports ministry in a huge way too as many of our people were also at this meeting. Now, all of our volunteer sports ministry leaders from Blantyre who weekly are teaching the Bible to the youth of their teams can handle the Word so much more effectively.  Such a gift!  They are so excited to implement what they’ve learned.

Love you guys.

Romans 8

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Anything but basic...


Clement, a gifted evangelist and volunteer trainer, had prepared well for a Sports Friends (SF) Basic Training week in Malawi. On the third day he would accompany the participants to a local football field. There, during a practice session or game, they would learn practical skills for sharing God’s Word.

Keen to equip them well, Clement hoped to empower the new coaches to be bold for the Lord on the sports field. Little did he know that he was about to get a unique opportunity to practice the very material he had prepared to preach.
   After playing football with children from the local village, Clement stood up to share God’s Word with the SF group and anyone else from the community who wanted to hear. A group of fashionably-dressed village men looked on unhappily from behind their sunglasses.  
   Once the men heard Clement was teaching about Christ, one shouted, “Don’t waste our time! We want to play football! Shut up and get off our field. We are Muslims and we don’t want to hear from your holy book!” The Basic Training participants looked flustered, but Clement didn’t even blink. He just kept sharing unashamedly about Jesus.
   The angry villagers then grabbed a whistle and, blowing it as loudly as possible, began running around the football field. Finally they made their way to just behind Clement. 
Clement preaching at the Basic Training 
It seemed that they were trying to drown out the Word of God, but their attempts failed. Clement, who was passionately teaching the people, did not even look back at them. After 10 minutes of creating chaos with no reaction, the villagers gave up.

A surprise invitation
Later, during debriefing, our SF staff members were able to make the most of what had happened earlier.” We encouraged our participants to remember that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. We also reminded them not to look negatively on those who persecute us, but to love them instead.

Sports Friends Malawi Training Team
   Then something amazing happened. Guess who invited us back the next day to share the Word and play a game? The same group of Muslim men who had given us so much trouble the day before wanted to hear more and to spend time with our group again. The love of Christ and the Word of God are truly contagious! 
   This time when Sam, one of our newly-trained sports ministers, began to preach he faced no resistance. With the confidence of Jesus Christ he stood up and shared a message of unconditional love with the entire village. At the end, the local men even clapped and thanked him for sharing. Then they joined us in praying to Jesus before the football match began.

Sam leading the kids before sharing the Word
Praying with the villagers
   The Muslim men in this village never would have stepped foot inside a church building. They never would have socialized with Christians. But now, because we met them on neutral ground, they’ve had a chance to hear about Jesus. This is why we do sports ministry. 
   The training event was anything but basic. Who knows what God will do next as we continue to link hands with local churches across Malawi?
Linking hands in the Gospel

Since this training, over 25 new church-centered sports ministry teams have begun and disciples are being made through sports ministry in places where many are resistant to the Good News.  All glory be to God!  Please pray for us this week from August 5-9 as we have 30 new church-elected sports ministers to train.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would meet us, disturb us, and empower us all for ministry.


The purpose of Sports Friends is to use sport as an avenue to build relationships and share God’s love with youth.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Prodigal Sons Coming to the Father

Dear Friend,

We just wanted to update you from what's been happening in our lives over the past week.  From May 17-25, Fostance and I (Luke) flew to Ethiopia to learn how to effectively and strategically do sports camps in Malawi.  We just arrived home in Malawi yesterday after an incredible time of learning, serving, and watching God transform lives for all of eternity.  

Upon arrival at the camp, Fostance and I were both given a group of 10 kids who had come from all over Ethiopia.  The focus of this camp was evangelistic so Sports Friends invited sports ministry coaches to bring with them 5 kids from their teams that are not followers of Jesus.  The kids came and nearly every one was a Muslim. Their coaches were all trained sports ministers and are strong believers in Jesus but many of them minister in areas where it is very dangerous to share the Gospel openly so this camp presented that opportunity.  For years, these coaches have poured their lives into their Muslim kids on a weekly basis hoping that the kids of their team would follow Jesus.  But up to this week, these kids have been resistant to Christ.  They have been born into homes and communities that have no Christians, aside from their coach, and they have counted the cost of following Jesus as too costly.  Until this week.

Friday night was one that i'll never forget.  After an amazing week of camp where we gave EVERY last ounce of energy and love we had to these kids, we saw God.  He showed up.  The camp climaxes on Friday evening with a drama of the parable of the prodigal son.  As several of our passionate Ethiopian brothers and sisters acted out the parable of the lost son, i watched tears roll down several of the faces of the Muslim boys we'd poured into all week.  They were learning for the first time what it meant that God forgives.  God forgives.  He has made a way through Jesus.  Through Jesus you can be forgiven and God is gracious towards and loves sinners and salvation is not dependent on our works. Jesus is the way!  

These words are often in our prayers for our lost family members and friends but this week, I saw how to present this message to resistant in Africa in a way that is more effective than anyway I've every experienced before.  Jesus people, born again by His Spirit, coming together, full of passion and love pouring everything they've got into lost people.  When these kids looked at our life and love for each other and for them over the period of 1 week, they saw Christ,  and they cried out to God for His risen Son to welcome them into his family with open arms like the father in the prodigal son story.  Of the 80 kids present at the camp, dozens surrendered their life to Jesus and now they are back in their village as a light-bearer with the committed coach discipling them and encouraging them into maturity.  Beautiful.  Absolutely a wonderful picture of heaven on earth.  God's people united for making His name praised.  I've NEVER seen people work so hard and love so well as i saw the Ethiopian sports ministers do that week.  

All that to say, Fostance and I were deeply impacted and can't wait to start these camps in Malawi.  Our first one will be with 80 girls in our city of Blantyre from June 20-22.   Below is more information about Sports Friends camping ministry this year.  

Thanks so much! We love you guys and are so blessed to have you in our lives.  Please pray for the campers around the world who will be coming to camp in the next 2 months.  Jesus is worthy of their praise so please pray that they see a clear picture of His love for them and their need for Him.


Luke, Becca, Lyzee & Zeke
Gal. 2:20

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gifts in Malawi

                                                                               Meet Gift.

He recently turned 13 and is a member of one of the Sports Friends teams in the city of Blantyre, Malawi. Over the past two years, his coaches have poured their lives into coaching and discipling him to love Christ.

Recently, we had a day of prayer and fasting for the ministry of Sports Friends Malawi. To be honest, we were a bit surprised at Gift’s interest to join us all day for such a “difficult” spiritual exercise. We told him we’d love to have him there, but we explained that he would have to find a way into the center of the city where we planned to meet. Gift lives about 5 miles from the city center, so I definitely did not expect him to come. 

But, to my delight, I saw Gift and one of his other soccer buddies walk in as we were getting started, soaking wet from the long, rainy walk, but full of smiles and joy. Both of them were a great blessing to everyone present at the meeting and were such a reminder to all that these kids are capable of doing great things for the Lord.

At the end of the day of prayer, Gift approached the coaches and told us that he really felt a strong desire to begin teaching the Word of God to others.

He said, “I think God wants me to share His Good News to my friends. Can I please be involved in the teaching times so I can grow in this area of my life and be faithful to what the Lord is asking me to do?” 

My answer was an obvious yes!

After a time of preparation, last week Gift taught to a group of over 40 of his peers.  He taught from Colossians 1:15-23 on how “Jesus Christ IS the Gospel.” He then closed the day by reciting the whole passage by memory.

It was clear to all that this was more than just a spiritual exercise – the passage had sunk from his head to His heart. You could see His face glow with the joy of the Lord as he boldly shared the truth about God to his peers. 

We have been deeply challenged by Gift. God has reminded all of us coaches not to overlook those whom we lead, thinking that they are just like we were as youngsters. No, we have poured our lives and God’s Word into these kids for the past 2 and a half years, and we should expect the Holy Spirit to move powerfully.

God is revealing Himself to the youth of Malawi in profound ways. From such an early age, they are learning what it means to feast on the presence of the Lord while fasting from food, to dedicate themselves to prayer, and to preach His word boldly.

Who knows how God will use these youth next?

God, may there be more Gifts in Malawi! Continue to raise up coaches to pour daily into this generation of youth who long for Jesus more than the basic necessities of life!