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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Messengers from abroad & a mighty God

Thank you so much for your fervent prayers over the past week.  Having Pastors Mark & Logan here from the USAwas a blessing on a number of levels.

They arrived last Wednesday and we had an amazing day just chatting, connecting and praying.  On this day, God used Mark & Logan to encourage our family. Although their bags were smaller than Lyzee’s backpack, they came bearing letters from many of you with kind words and gifts.  Thank you! 
Pastors Logan & Fostance teaching the Word

Thursday was full preparing for the Friday-Saturday Pastors and Sports Ministers Conference. We ran around Blantyre and met with Fostance before coming home just in time for Pastors Mark & Logan to teach the boys of Lyzee United Football Club from Revelation 19-20.  God really used their teaching and many of the boys had great questions at yesterday’s training.  They’ve been thinking much about the urgency of eternity and the brevity of life.

By the way, jet-lag was getting them good.  They were waking up every morning around 2 or 3 AM.  But after a couple gallons of coffee, they were ready to roll. 

The Pastors & Sports Ministry Leaders Bible Training Conference
Friday morning we arrived at the Bible College where we had the training for the Pastors and Sports Ministers.  As we drove up, we saw smiles on many Malawian brothers and sisters faces who had been waiting eagerly for this seminar.  By the time we began at 10 AM, over 45 key church leaders were present from all over the city and outlying villages.  God brought a wonderful group to us who had a strong desire to learn more from His Word.   AND that is what they….(and I) got!  It was absolutely awesome.  God has clearly given these two men the gift of teaching.  Their spiritual gift was used cross-culturally in a brilliant way for the kingdom of God.  The Gospel and the Word of God crosses over cultures and brings His people together moving forward for 1 purpose: to know Christ and proclaim His goodness to the nations.
Pastors taking notes

Pastor Mark laying the foundation
Aside from the solid teachings, both Friday and Saturday were full of great questions coming from the pastors and church leaders.  They really opened up and God CLEARLY led the discussion and gave Mark & Logan a huge amount of wisdom on how to answer the questions in a way that pointed people to the Scriptures. Some of the questions that were asked were obviously HUGE issues in many of the local churches here and these pastors did not know how to handle the issues.  They were not given another opinion of man but Mark and Logan encouraged and empowered them to read the Word and get their answers from God Himself instead of just getting the direct answer from two white guys in the front of the classroom.   It was so amazing to watch.  And I’m not exaggerating.  I wish you could all have been there.  It was such an edifying time in God’s Word specifically in the book of Romans.  

Great times
We had some good food
At the end of the seminar on Saturday, I had SO many pastors and prominent women church leaders, come to me and thank God for bringing Mark and Logan to Malawi.  It was not just another seminar or training for these people.  God met us and all were truly blessed by the time we had in His Word.  Everyone walked away with a renewed awe for God and the Scriptures and a passion to read it, interpret in context, and then apply it.  It was all explained in such a simple, reproducible way that any rural pastor or church leader could safely teach the Word with confidence. Even the difficult passages!  To God be the glory!  All the participants left the conference equipped and empowered to dig deep into the Scriptures to understand who God is and make Him known. 
Logan & Fostance teaching on Saturday

Thank you for being a part in sending them and praying for them.  Now, they are in Zambia with many more pastors there.  I wish they were here for longer.  So do all the church leaders who were at the seminar in Malawi.  For some reason, I don’t think this’ll be the last time they are in Malawi.  I’ve already had 5 requests from other pastors representing 22 more churches who want to be invited next time they are in Malawi.  The need is certainly here and God used our 2 pastors in a profound way to proclaim His fame.  This has helped our sports ministry in a huge way too as many of our people were also at this meeting. Now, all of our volunteer sports ministry leaders from Blantyre who weekly are teaching the Bible to the youth of their teams can handle the Word so much more effectively.  Such a gift!  They are so excited to implement what they’ve learned.

Love you guys.

Romans 8

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